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Benefits Robotics

Robots are freely programmable multi-axis manipulators. Conventional robotic systems (one-armed robot such as in the photograph below) have so far been used in (manufacturing) industry.

Robots van Robomotive

Often, conventional robot cells are deployed for repetitive work, where there is a small product mix (little variation in products) in large numbers, such as:

  • CO2 welding of products;
  • Spot-welding of products;
  • Handling (transfer) of products;
  • Painting or bonding of products;
  • Use of other tooling processes on or around robots, such as processing spindles (e.g. for finishing products) or DC tools (e.g. for bolting products together).

Just some of the benefits Robots offer are:

  • they can work 24/7, if necessary;
  • they are freely programmable, once programmed, they can be used for specific tasks infinitely;
  • they can be reprogrammed for new or adapted tasks;
  • they have a high levels of repeat accuracy (approx.  0.1mm);
  • they can be fitted with all kinds of tooling (see also summary above).

The latest generation of robots is equipped with 3D vision and/or takes on more humanoid forms.
In the photograph below there is an example of a humanoid robot, an industrial version of which is being exclusively marketed by robot supplier Yaskawa Motoman.
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