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Strategy Robomotive

By being actively able to demonstrate the possibilities of the new generation of industrial robots, Robomotive aims to change the mindset surrounding the use of robots, from “dirty, dumb and dangerous” to “flexible, intelligent and adaptive”.
At the same time, Robomotive hopes to speed up the process within (Western) Europe with the aid of the demo robot cell. There is an inevitability about the increasing use of (humanoid) robots with 3D vision - the question is not “if” but “when” - so it is imperative for businesses to remain competitive both domestically and internationally.
As indicated in Robomotive’s mission statement, Robomotive aims to meet the market need for the greater automation of workplaces. These have been hitherto difficult to automate from a technical and/or commercial point of view, with the prospect of a good return on investment (ROI). Examples include facilitating cost-effective automation – preferably within the same system – in situations where there is a high product mix (several products in combination with each other) in smaller-scale series.
Robomotive aims to deploy the new generation of robots widely in industry, not just in manufacturing, but also in the agricultural and food-processing industries, for example, or in completely new industries (Robomotive can also help develop Design For Assembly in the case of new products). In addition, Robomotive can give you advice about the integration of the first robots within your company.
We aim to achieve all this by demonstrating the demo robot cell both together with our partners in Roermond (NL), and also at trade fairs and at on-site presentations with customers. This will enable clients to decide for themselves whether Robomotive’s concept is feasible, from both a technical and commercial angle. Robomotive will look at the total business case, so that an effective return on investment (ROI) can be recovered. The most appropriate automation solution can be looked at on a case-by-case basis. This might be a humanoid robot with adaptive grippers and 3D-vision, but also a conventional (relatively cheaper) one-armed robot with an adaptive gripper and 3D-vision. This partly depends on the complexity of the robot actions and the takt times of the processes in question.
In the main, Robomotive’s also consists of the following:

  • Long-term thinking (both in relation to the client, but also in relation to suppliers and staff within Robomotive project teams);
  • Achieving commitment amongst all parties (clients, suppliers and own employees) through transparent communication about what is expected and from whom, when and how;
  • Cooperation with partners in industry, higher-education, universities (synergy), in order to bring about win-win situations, for example by developing new techniques;
  • Turnkey implementation of projects to minimise loss from transfers. Robomotive acts as main contractor and the partners of Robomotive are brought in as subcontractors;
  • All the above-mentioned matters are carried out via structured working processes (regardless of the size and complexity of the project);
  • Keeping track of the latest development in the field of robots. For example, in the future, more and more overlaps will appear between industrial robots and the newly emerging service robots (such as the humanoid character, adaptive grippers, 3D-vision and smart software).

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