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Humanoid Robot

The basis for the Robomotive’s demo cell is formed by an industrial humanoid robot produced by Yaskawa Motoman. Yaskawa Motoman is world’s largest robot supplier and was the first manufacturer with an industrial robot (as an extension of their existing series of robots). This humanoid Yaskawa robot is widely used in Japan and is now breaking onto the scene in Europe.
This humanoid robot is currently available in the SDA5, SDA10 (see image below) and SDA20 versions, each able to lift 5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg per arm respectively. Robomotive’s demo cell comes with the SDA20 version (see image at the bottom of this page).


The advantages of humanoid robots are:
No external cables (all power and signal cables and all pneumatic hoses are housed within the robot);
Two robot ”arms” which work together or carry out separate tasks (via common controls), which means many robotic actions are possible (e.g. picking up of two products with 2 arms and then assembling these products);
Extremely flexible as a result of 7 axes per arm and one common axis (so 15 axes in total, as opposed to 6 axes for one-armed robots);
Extremely compact (working range of a human; likewise close to the “body” and behind the “back”);
When to use a humanoid robot
When it is difficult to carry out work using a one-armed robot (tangled cables, too little freedom of movement in all zones in the working area; also too close to the robot “body”), or if two robot arms need to work in tandem;
If floor space is at a premium;
If too many actions need to take place with a limited takt time.
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