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Mission Robomotive

Making working life easier and more fun are, in short, what drives Robomotive. Because we humans are not so good in repetitive tasks, Robomotive develops, delivers and installs smart robotic cells that mimic the human "eye-hand" coordination.  Our in-house expertise makes it possible to build a complete solution to help our customers in the industry, the agro-food, and order fulfilment.


Robomotive constantly follows the latest developments in the field of industrial robots, humanoid robots, servo-grippers, integrated 3D vision and artificial intelligent.  This allows Robomotive to automate even most challenging workplaces while offering a good return on investment (ROI) within roughly two years.


This technical driven approach together with a flexible deployment of resources from strong share holders, allows Robomotive to realize both small and turnkey projects.


Robomotive - we make robofacturing possible!


We are the

winner of

the recent

election of

best start up robot-company in Europe. This is a great recognition for the front-line work we are doing to automate even complex production and manufacturing processes. The entire team at Robomotive is proud to receive this tribute and is fully motivated to help customers to get the best robot solution for their businesses.​

We are No. 1

Dec 12th, 2016

DHL has selected Robomotive as a trusted partner because of its innovative robot-vision technology.

Our team is very excited to help DHL with realizing this ground-breaking project that will improve the performance in the warehouse.

Both parties agreed to restrain from providing further details for now.

DHL and Robomotive

Feb. 8th, 2018

Our CEO, Michael Vermeer, talked about flexible automation using smart robotics at the Dutch conference for smal to mid-sized companies in the metal industry.


Robots in action

Nov 7th, 2016

Robomotive BV
Marie Curieweg 16
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