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The e-commerce is booming. We order more and more often on-line. No surprise that new warehouses and DC's open almost every week. And it looks like they compete to become the biggest in town or even in the world. All in an almost hopeless attempt to face the increasing number of orders. Every day and night countless workers do their  best to  store, pick and dispatch the goods. Unfortunately there are less and less people available to do this work. A threat that might put a hold to the growth in e-commerce and will lead to disappointed customers. 

Random items picking

Handling mixed items easily


However, there is a way out to keep growing: get robots to do the job. In fact, our robots are as good or even better as humans in picking and placing unknown objects. So no teaching time is needed and any assortment can be handled up to 95% right away. A big benefit that allows to automate existing operation. Furthermore, all shipments are 100% secure and contain the right items.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, let's get in touch to discover that it is actually possible today. Give your organisation the boost to grow your e-commerce without limits.

Our robots are ready to serve you! 

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