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Because Robomotive has equipped a humanoid robot with two Robotiq grippers in the Demo Cell - in combination with 3D vision - the following processes can now be completed via a simple user-interface:

  • The 3D vision will be able to identify different products on the basis of unsorted original supply packaging and be able to determine the orientation of these products (if this is in several layers in the original packaging, this is called “3D bin picking”);
  • The smart grippers are able to pick up the different products adaptively (on instruction of vision) on the basis of the unsorted situation;
  • Because the robot is equipped with two arms/hands, these actions, such as assembly (fastening components to each other) can be carried out without the need for product-based auxiliary tooling;
  • After any processing, the robot can position the products for example, in the original output-packaging, whether or not this has been sorted in several layers (likewise through 3D vision);
  • Likewise, quality inspections can be carried out by integrated vision (both input and output inspection);
  • By merely converting / parameterising a different process, at the touch of a button, the cell can process other products or complete processes without any mechanical conversion being required;
  • Because the robot cell is positioned on a skid-unit (a frame transferable by forklift on which everything is assembled), this can be used relatively easily elsewhere in the factory (for example, in combination with another machine or as part of a different process).

The following cost-saving benefits are offered by the afore-mentioned process:

  • No changes necessary in existing input and output packaging;
  • No orientation or separation mechanism needed (vibratory fillers, inlay templates, separators, etc) for the various products/processes;
  • No longer any operators needed for monotonous assembly work, as a result of which it is fully automated leading to:
  1. Fewer quality problems;
  2. Less training required;
  3. Less effort required to find personnel;
  4. More flexible with respect to longer or shorter working (at peak times, robots can work for 24 hours a day);
  • More products / processes can be automated in lower numbers (because of shorter conversion times) with the same robot cell;
  • No longer any product-related tooling/grippers needed;
  • No physical conversion required;

As has already been stated, the demo cell represents the height of flexibility with the deployment of both humanoid robots, as well as the adaptive servo grippers and the 3D vision. However, in each situation Robomotive will look at the total business case scenario with the client, so that an effective return on investment (ROI) can be recovered. The most appropriate automation solution can be looked at on a case-by-case basis. This might be a humanoid robot with adaptive grippers and 3D-vision, but also a conventional (relatively cheaper) one-armed robot with an adaptive gripper and 3D-vision. This partly depends on the complexity of the robot actions and the takt times of the processes in question.
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