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Through the turnkey deployment of robots, in combination with adaptive grippers and 3D vision (3D bin picking), Robomotive is able to serve as wide as possible a circle of customers within the industrial sector, where the following cost-effective applications are possible:

  • Loading of CNC machines from bulk material (randomly stacked products in trays, crates or on pallets);
  • Loading of presses from bulk material;
  • Loading of (welding) moulds from bulk material;
  • Loading and/or unloading of racks from bulk material for ovens, paintshops, washing machines, galvanisation tanks, etc.;
  • Picking up products from bulk material to later assemble or process these, or  
  • Sorted packing or palletisation of products from bulk material.

In particular, the use of humanoid robots enables the following (additional) options:

  • Assembly of (partial) compositions by screwing of gluing parts together;
  • The finishing of products, for example, grinding, cutting, sanding, etc.;
  • Performance of complex actions, such as the bending of complicated products on an angle-bending machine.

In terms of application, creativity is ultimately the limit, since - in principle – robots with adaptive grippers and 3D vision can be deployed cost-effectively anywhere where processes take place from bulk material, but where it was hitherto not technically or commercially possible to automate these.
Please do not hesitate to contact us about the specific possibilities within your company by completing the enquiry form, via or via 0031-(0)650 222 969.

Robomotive BV
Marie Curieweg 16
6045 GH Roermond


T: +31 (0) 650222969


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